GOP Debate in a Nutshell (in case you missed it)

The first Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire seemed more like an open forum town hall meeting, and though I think it was suitable, it was also a bit chaotic. With so many candidates on the stage and CNN’s John King constantly asking biased questions and interrupting each answer, I only found myself yelling at the screen. Over all, it was a decent kick-off to the great race of 2012.

Political commentaries, advisors, columnists (S.E. Cupp, Dick Morris, “Stu” from Glenn Beck) and staffers from the candidates’ themselves posted incessant Twitter updates on the debate’s progress. Michele Bachmann trended No. 8 on Twitter, right up there with a couple Hollywood movie stars and Dad’s Day Tweets. She – of all candidates – seemed to gain the most attention. Even Rush Limbaugh was in awe today.

Bachmann commanded the event with a sense of cool-headedness and ease. She absorbed every punch thrown her directions, including the more difficult questions garnered toward tripping her up, such as those concerning gay marriage, states’ rights, the tea party influence and abortion. Her best line of the night? In my opinion: “Principles over party.” Enough said. She’s had five babies and raised 23 foster kids. How many femi-Nazis can say they’ve done that? Shoving watermelons through a garden hose is no job for a sissy. Bachmann is tough and sharp as a whip. She wants to cut way back on spending, including repealing Obamacare and eliminating the NEA and EPA (complete wastes of American tax dollars). She’ll have to fight to stay on top though. Her conservative values paint her as “extreme” by the left. Then again, it’s the non-extreme voters that landed us in a deep recession with unemployment over 9 percent….

Then there was Ron Paul, whose answers to some of King’s ridiculous questions were equally quotable. “Individual rights” take precedence over everything else, he said. And when it comes to the state of the economy (“It’s the economy, stupid”), Paul could only say one thing: Blame the Fed. We must invite capital back into the country, quit printing money, and repatriate funds. In addition to Bachmann’s ideas on legislative cut backs, Paul advised we severely reduce NASA spending. Bringing NASA onto the debate floor was a mistake to begin with, but one all candidates were forced to handle. Why talk space when we have three war fronts? But that’s just me.

Cheryl Senter, NYT, June 13, 2011

Job creation was a fun topic. Few candidates actually answered the question – how can you in 30 seconds? – but we were fed a few morsels to munch on.

Herman Cain worships the private sector, wanting to repatriate profits and fuel them back to the people. Mitt Romney pointed his finger at Obama, Tim “TPaw” Pawlenty spiced up his vanilla and fired off a round of available options, including cutting taxes, reducing legislation and initiating pro-growth agendas that would promote an actualization of pro-American-exceptionalism. When Rick Santorum turn rolled around the momentum was rolling. And just as soon as it began, he brought it to a close with his skirting of the question. He ate up his time blaming the Democrats for their oppressive legislation and ideas, all the while never answering the question. If Santorum were a flavor of ice cream, he’d be sorbet: sweet and good looking, but lacking in substance.

Health care proved interesting, as always. Bachmann, the first member of Congress to issue a full scale repeal of last year’s health care bill said, “I will not rest until I repeal Obamacare.”

TPaw made took a clever, non-vanilla jab at Massachusetts’ health care program, demanding something better for the rest of America.

“A better plan and a different plan [from Obamney Care] is needed.”

Romney smiled wilily and bit back brilliantly. He seemed to agree with TPaw and accused Obama of not calling him first before initiating a similar program to see what worked and what didn’t. But can we afford mistakes like those seeping from the Oval Office? Washington is full of good intentions, and we can literally not afford any more mistakes.

Other topics included the influence of the tea party, the right to work, the return of manufacturing jobs to the U.S., government assistance to private enterprise and food safety (an easy topic for Mr. Cain).

I’m rooting for Michele Bachmann. She took care of her family and keeps her faith number one in her life. Secondly, I choose Tim Pawlenty. Is it a coincidence both are from Minnesota? I think not. The land of 10,000 lakes produces hard working, sincere, hardy, honest people. I should know. I came from that state.

And that’s a wrap. ;)


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The most important thing to me, aside from my faith and family, is liberty. The loyalty I pay to liberty is greater than my patriotic devotion to America, as this country only exemplifies the best opportunity for that liberty, but is not liberty herself.
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2 Responses to GOP Debate in a Nutshell (in case you missed it)

  1. Rachel Swindler says:

    Putting effort and money in NASA makes more sense to me than being involved in 3 wars. At least that would be improving our world instead of bringing more chaos into it. But, I agree, it was a little odd for a debate question.

    • emmyjo says:

      I am not certain I would agree with that statement. It would depend on what type of three wars we were in. Of course, right now the three wars are so fruitless spending money on lobster protection might be more productive. While I think expeditions to Mars are unrealistic, the inventions NASA creates and the products we as the general public enjoy because of them have been great. Take for instance aluminum foil, Tang, computers, etc. It was just a weird question for the debate.

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