Trying to Take Occupy Wall Street Seriously

By guest blogger and fellow liberty-lover Ashley Gill.

Think about what you know about Occupy Wall Street and,

Forget the racism.

Forget the violence.

Forget the lack of perspective.

Forget the revolting antics.

Forget the union involvement.

Forget the hurting local businesses.

Forget the differences from the Tea Party.

Forget the anti-FoxNews rhetoric.

Forget the support from Democrats.

Forget the anti-American sentiment.

Forget the sense of entitlement.

Forget the celebrities pretending to be part of the 99%.

Forget the thousands of arrests.

Forget the hypocrisy.

Forget the absence of an agenda.

Forget the media’s influence on the movement.

Forget the creepy human microphone.

Forget the clueless protestors.

Now maybe you can take Occupy Wall Street a little more seriously and think of it as a “peaceful,” “informed,” “grassroots,” “patriotic,” and “non-partisan” protest. Although the movement still lacks a unified agenda, the most widespread message I have heard from occupiers that understand and/or are capable of communicating it, involves dissatisfaction with crony capitalism (keep in mind that plenty of protestors have confused traditional capitalism with crony capitalism). Wonderful, now if only they would stop fornicating in public and selling heroin in their tents…but wait a minute…why would these kids be camping out on Wall Street? Crony capitalism takes two to tango. Surely we can all agree that the government allows wealthy corporations to remain unaccountable to their consumers. Doesn’t it make more sense to target the root of the problem? Herman Cain gets it. Most Americans get it. Why can’t occupiers wrap their minds around the concept? My message to “the 99%”: Take a page out of the Tea Party’s book and carry your signs to Washington. Or better yet, join us informed voters in these next elections and let’s fire the politicians who care more about their loaded cronies than their struggling constituents.

About emmyjo

The most important thing to me, aside from my faith and family, is liberty. The loyalty I pay to liberty is greater than my patriotic devotion to America, as this country only exemplifies the best opportunity for that liberty, but is not liberty herself.
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2 Responses to Trying to Take Occupy Wall Street Seriously

  1. J. Phillips says:

    Very well put, and a well organized blog post overall! Good job referencing external sites to prove the “Occupy Wall Street” chaos/hypocrisy. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Ajay Kaul says:

    Interesting perspective. Though government has a part to play, the big banks and the corporations cannot be absolved of any blame. Being an integral part of capitalist America, I have seen ask their employees to tighten their belts because of a poor economy and then dish out huge bonuses to the execs. It’s a question of confusing free trade with a complete lack of ethics. You cannot have laws created to prevent companies from making a mockery of compensation. You have to let businesses act like mature organizations and self regulate. But then as we can, can we really leave them to self regulate.
    If there were a straight forward answer to this, there would be a clear message from the OWS folk, but there isn’t. I see their frustration more at inactivity in the government despite a huge issue on their plate to solve. There is no magic wand – you have to make an effort to tame the beast and today, that effort seems lacking.

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